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Our Vision

Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres are twin heritage art centres located in Canberra CBD and is home to the largest collective of artists, theatre makers, dancers and musicians.

We believe that art thrives in a dynamic social environment. To flourish, artists need more than just facilities or funding: they need stimulus, example and informed criticism from their peers, mentors, rivals and audiences. Communities, in turn, must be involved in a genuine conversation about how and why art is made, and interact directly with the people who make it. Our aim is to cultivate inspiring places for these creative encounters to happen.

Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres are managed by an independent not-for-profit organisation, Arts Capital Limited (ACN 639 255 815).

Gorman Arts Centre Upgrades

The upcoming Gorman Arts Centre upgrades aims to ensure the nearly century-old Centre continues to support a diversity of artists at different stages of their careers across disciplines and genres. Improved performance and presentation spaces will conserve heritage values and enable the Centre to be fit for purpose and accessible. The upgrades will see improved inclusive workspaces for artists, and accessible spaces to encourage the community to interact and get involved in arts and cultural activity.

The Gorman Arts Centre Upgrades project is owned and managed by the ACT Government. For all official updates please refer to this ACT Government website: Gorman Arts Centre upgrade – Built for CBR (act.gov.au)