A diorama of Nikki Haynes work. It depicts small cut out people with their arms up!

A small team of dedicated arts workers coordinate the management of both Centres. We are passionate about the arts and feel privileged to work on behalf of a unique community of artists and organisations. We are dedicated to the creative transformations taking place at Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres, so that we can better support the Canberra arts community.


Interim Director + CEO of Arts Capital: Adelin Chin
Programs Manager: Rochelle Whyte
Marketing Manager: Kristi Monfries
Production Manager: Jeremy Christian
Facilities Manager: Mauro Aviles

Administration and Finance:
Dolly Prajapati, Janam Shah

Front of House:
Isabelle Shepard, Kylie Walsh

Sia Ahmad, Claudia Hogan

Andrew Finegan, Rebecca Worth (maternity leave)

Strategic Planning Officer:
Lachlan Johnson

John Carberry

Venues and Event Hire:
Elizabeth Curry, Jenni Curry

Jason Burgess, Matthew Kristaly