Sensory Art Lab welcomes guest visitor from the Embassy of Japan

Textured divide

6 May 2022

We were honoured to welcome Madame Yamagami, spouse of the Ambassador of Japan, to Gorman Arts Centre today. She was greeted by Adelin Chin, Interim CEO of Arts Capital Ltd, and was shown around the Sensory Art Lab, created by the Slow Art Collective.

Ambassador Shingo Yamagami expressed his appreciation for the opportunities to engage with Japanese creatives in Canberra.

Delighted that my wife Kaoru had the opportunity to attend the Sensory Art Lab at Gorman Arts Centre, hosted by our long-time friend and artist KATO Chaco. Wish I could be there too. Great to have so many opportunities to engage with Japan creatives in Canberra.

— Ambassador YAMAGAMI Shingo (@YamagamiShingo) May 9, 2022