There are currently two ways to access Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres’ Visiting Artists Program.

Book and Stay

Visiting artists – or organisations hosting visiting artists, arts workers or cultural practitioners – may apply to utilise the low cost, centrally located accommodation at The Loft at Gorman Arts Centre. Rates are $104/night or $520/week (5-7 nights). It is expected that, in exchange for access to this low cost accommodation, there will be at least one public outcome either at our centres or elsewhere in Canberra that is able to be promoted as part of the visiting artist’s stay. Minimum stay is 3 nights. Maximum stay is 3 months.

Supported Residencies

Visiting artists may apply to stay at the The Loft at heavily discounted rates (50% off) of $58/night or $290/wk (5-7 nights) as part of a residency developed in collaboration with Ainslie + Gorman. Priority is given to applicants whose work contributes to the diversity of artistic practice and programming at Ainslie + Gorman, who propose working with artists and organisations resident at the centres, and who are also willing to engage with the local community through exhibitions, openings, workshops or public talks. Studio, rehearsal and performance space is subject to negotiation based on the individual needs of the artist and intended outcomes of the residency. Minimum stay is 1 week. Maximum stay is 3 months.

For more information or to apply, email for more information.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their residency proposals with A+G’s Program Manager prior to submitting an application.