Ausdance ACT Dance Film Choreographic Methods Workshop with Peng Hsiao-yin (Grace)

Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


12 pm - 2 pm
Saturday 13 April


Gorman Main Hall

Join Taiwanese choreographer and performer Peng Hsiao-yin(Grace) for a workshop on movement and storytelling.

As a site-specific choreographer, performer, and dance film director, Grace explores the intriguing interplay between visual and kinetic elements in dance. Her passion extends to capturing the nuanced sensations of space across various layers, delving into the dynamic relationship between the environment and fellow movers. In this workshop, Grace will guide the participants into the dance journey of her dance film choreographic methods through some practices of movement developments, to enhance the awareness of space, multi focus projecting and visual storytelling in dance. This workshop is for students, teachers and independent artists who are interested in developing their skills in dance film making.

Ausdance ACT’s Workshop Series is presented with support from Ainslie+Gorman at Gorman Arts Centre.