Chaos Project: YUMMY

Textured divide




13 + 14 October 2023


Canberra College, Phillip

QL2 Dance presents their 2023 Chaos Project: YUMMYFifty dancers. Five tastes. All flavour.Salty. Sweet. Bitter. Sour. Umami. Which flavour will you choose?

Each year, QL2 Dance in Canberra runs a development and performance project for younger dancers, referred to affectionately as the “Chaos” project.

YUMMY is suitable for all ages, although parents of very young children should note that it will include loud sounds and music, and times where audience quiet is required.

YUMMY is a new contemporary dance work by Artistic Director Ruth Osborne and Associate Artistic Director Alice Lee Holland made with choreographers Jason Pearce, Olivia Wikner and Patricia Hayes Cavanagh in collaboration with the dancers.

Supported by: ArtsACT, Lorna Sim Photography, Sidestage, Canberra College, Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, O&J Wikner Photography and Elect Printing.