Communicate by QL2

Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


18 - 20 May, 2023


The Playhouse

QL2 Dance presents the Quantum Leap ensemble in Communicate.

A triple bill created by choreographers Alice Lee Holland (Townsville), Kyall Shanks (Melbourne) and Lordfai Navinda Pachimsawat (Bangkok) working closely with Artistic Director Ruth Osborne, Assistant to the Artistic Director Stephen Gow and our Quantum Leap ensemble.

Everything we say, everything we do, brings us back to communication, whether intentional or not. Communicating in spoken or written words, through facial expressions, signs, images and movements. We communicate meaning, intentions, ideas, who we are, what we want. We ‘say’ it loudly, quietly, subtly, through contact, connections, technology, images. So much goes unnoticed, unspoken, but somehow still felt, and thus somehow communicated.

Overload of information, miscommunication, misunderstanding through cultural differences, socio-economic backgrounds, gender. So many times we communicate something different to what we want, what we feel, who we are, as the language codes are forever imperfect and forever different.

The language of dance holds a special place in this communication world. A language that is felt in the body and soul a lot more than it is understood with the head. A place where emotions and connections are communicated differently, raw and unspoken.

With Communicate, enter the communication world of the next generation.