What Would You Stand For?

Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


6 pm - 8 pm
26 + 27 April, 2023


F-Block Hall

Join Australian author and activist Isobelle Carmody as she explores the concept of Protest in her installation work ‘What Would You Stand For?’ 

Ideas and means of protest have continuously evolved over the years. From the elderly to school children, all age demographics now take part in protest, and the forms of protest have changed and multiplied. Truckies stop traffic on the highway, young people superglue themselves to the furniture in parliament, people throw soup at paintings in art galleries, school children strike.  

From 2017 – 2018, Isobelle Carmody stood in protest alone and holding a sign over her head for one hour almost every day. Through conversations with by-passes, Carmody has collected stories about protest experiences and public responses to her actions. 

‘What Would You Stand For?’ will feature a curated display of the protest images, a dramatic multi-media presentation by Isobelle Carmody and the chance for people to write their own sign. Gently interactive, this installation is for anyone willing to share their thoughts and ideas about protest and poses the question ‘What Would You Stand For?’ 

This presentation is proudly supported by Arts Capital at Gorman Arts Centre.