B.A.C.H. by Luminescence Chamber Singers

Textured divide




4 - 7 August


Offsite venues

Much has been made of Bach’s fascination for numerology and his penchant for encoding his name in his music. The BACH motif is perhaps the most famous musical cryptogram, but it was by no means the first.  From Josquin de Prez to Heinrich Schütz, composers have weaved their own name in the very fabric of their music.

In this concert of musical cyphers, Luminescence Chamber Singers join forces with guest artist Anna Freer (violin/voice) to perform Bach’s monumental Partita no.2 in D Minor, interwoven with some of Bach’s most beloved chorales. The concert culminates in a new arrangement of the Chaconne – a setting for voices and violin that reveals a tapestry of references to Bach chorales buried in bones of the Chaccone.

Shows in Canberra – Braidwood – Bowral