Mt Ainslie Music Club

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Textured divide




Ainslie Arts Centre


8 pm to 10 pm
First Thursday of
each month.


Room 11

Mt Ainslie Music Club is a community musical ensemble for free improvisation that comes together once a month, inspired by the musical games of John Stevens. Facilitated by saxophonist Tom Fell, the Club is open to anyone with participation using your chosen medium encouraged, the only prerequisites are the willingness to collaborate and an open mind!

Each meeting is a way of opening dialogue between many different subsets of Canberra’s creative community: trained and non-trained, amateur and professional, old and young. The Club encourages active conversations around performance approach and methodology, within the context of the musical devices explored.

Mt Ainslie Music Club is a program supported by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres as part of our 2022 program.