They’re following us: data surveillance and privacy activism

On the left side of the frame a woman is standing in a dimly lit underpass, on the right a man with red, blue and white stripes painted on his face.
Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


3 pm - 4 pm
Saturday 4 March, 2023


Tributary Projects
Gorman Arts Centre

Join sound artist Jasmine Guffond, theatre-maker Christopher Carroll and ANU academic Dr Sean Donahue as they discuss the world of data surveillance in the 21st century. 

Dr Sean Donahue is a research fellow with the Humanising Machine Intelligence Grand Challenge. Together they’ll be discussing its shift from incidental capture to something more pervasive and the normalisation of “auto surveillance” in everyday life. 

This artist talk will be held in Jasmine Guffond’s exhibition ‘Listening Back‘, an immersive audio-visual installation.

Related events: Chris Carroll’s theatre show I Have No Enemies is confronting, enlightening and absurdly entertaining and decodes the uncomfortable truth of surveillance in our everyday lives.

This talk is presented by Arts Capital at Gorman Arts Centre in partnership with Tributary Projects and ANU School of Computing