12 Hour Theatre Project

5 young actors pose on a blank stage, as they hold chairs above their heads.
Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


9 am - 10 pm
Saturday 22 April


Gorman Arts Centre

Join Canberra Youth Theatre for the day and make theatre together! 

Great ideas often take time to mature and ripen, carefully, over time… But there’s a whole lot of creative energy that comes from leaping before you look, going with your gut, and just making the thing happen. Think fast! Dream big! Watch out for that ladder! If you want to experience one of the biggest Saturdays of your young life, sign up, hold tight, and strap yourself in for the 12 Hour Theatre Project!

Over the course of a single day, all-action teams of young artists aged 7-25 will come together to devise, rehearse, produce and perform a brand new piece of theatre… all within 12 hours. You’ll seize the day, achieve the impossible, and have an exhilarating amount of fun embracing the chaos.