Rebus Theatre

A woman dressed in earthy tones of brown and orange gestures on stage with a background projection of blue sky and green trees overhead.
Textured divide

Rebus Theatre is a mixed ability company using theatre and other arts to stimulate healing and provoke social and environmental change. We work with people with lived experience of marginalisation to create innovative, powerful performance in diverse contexts.

We believe in a sustainable and ethical society that is inclusive, creative, compassionate and accessible to everyone. We run programs, create original performances and deliver theatre-based workplace training.

Theatre is uniquely powerful. It can bring about change, in an individual, a community, or a whole society. Theatre engages the body and the emotions, as well as the mind. It makes deeper and more lasting change possible. The stage is a place where we can imagine any reality, any future. It’s where we can be the change we want to see in the world.

‘Rebus’ is a puzzle in which pictures represent words. A picture of an eye, a can of soup and the ocean might mean ‘I can see’. We challenge audiences to take real-life pieces of social puzzles, change behaviour and assemble a positive new picture.


PHONE: 0403 815 784

OPENING HOURS: By appointment