Welcome to our Makers Residence Program! Wander through the studios and meet the makers, play and create with creative workshops and face painting from Lucy Sparkles or take a little something home with you from our makers market. Relax on the lawns with sweet treats from Stephanie’s Donuts and caffeinate with ShotClock Espresso.

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Workshops + Exhibitions

Local Yoga | 9:00am – 10:00am 

Gorman Main Hall 

Join Local Yoga instructor Matty Ellis for a flowing ‘vinyasa’ yoga class in Gorman Main Hall. Suitable for all levels beginners to advanced, the class will combine physicality and breath with modern mindfulness practices.  

This is a free session, however donations are welcomed with 100% of profits being donated directly to local community organisations. So, you can do something good for yourself and your community all at the same time. 

No booking required however please arrive 10 mins prior to ensure a space as there is limited capacity. 

Matty Ellis, has been practicing for the best part of a decade and has experience teaching yoga to all types of bodies from public servants and grandparents through to Australian sporting heroes and performers in Cirque du Soleil. 


An old black and white photograph. Three women sit on the lawns of Gorman House with their laundry drying in the background.

F Block Gallery

Open Friday 5 pm – 8 pm | Saturday 10 am – 3 pm

Residents Exhibition

Wander through F Block Gallery and see the breadth of work from the artists that call Gorman home. Featuring Paul Summerfield, Hangama Obaidullah, Andrew Sikorski, Phoebe Porter, Stuart McMillen, Cassandra Dove, Kirsten Biven, Yamile Tafur, Genie Stuart, Zhi Cham and more.

Gorman Stories Project

Discover the stories from our 99 year history, and take the opportunity to leave your own memories of Gorman House to live on in the future.

C Block – Dance Films Screening

10 am  – 3 pm

Ausdance Presents: Dance.Focus Select Films 2020 – 2022 

Designed for choreographers to challenge, resonate and engage with screen dance, Dance.Focus co-commissioned 15 experimental dance films between 2020-2023 from SA and the ACT

QL2 Presents: INTERSECTING JOURNEYS Screening of 2 Films by Sue Healey

Meeting Place: 8 Australian youth dance companies sharing common practices, 4 meeting places to connect, create, collaborate 

Alumni : 16 renowned Australian dance artists who began their creative journeys in youth dance companies  

Vaidehi Subramanyan | Selected footage from Nāyika – Bharatanatyam dance 

Bharatanatyam, originally known as sadir, is a classical dance form originating in Tamil Nadu, South India. The art consists of pure dance focused on rhythm and grace (nritta), story-telling (nritya) and acting (nātya). 

Australian Dance Party presents: MOVE TO ZERO

MOVE TO ZERO is a series of short dance films championing messages that support our collective move to zero emissions. ADP strives to deliver messages in a fun and engaging way that is fresh and memorable and empowers people to make positive changes. 

Canberra Youth Theatre Workshops |  10:15 am – 11 am + 12:15 pm – 1 pm

Gorman Main Hall 

Canberra Youth Theatre looks forward to welcoming you to our taster workshops as part of Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre’s open day! Our workshops provide young people with a space to think imaginatively, express themselves, and discover the joys of performance. 

Under the guidance of professional artists, the workshops provide the opportunity to express creativity and explore storytelling through collaborative and practical experiences. Young Artists will get the chance to practice voice and movement techniques, delve into various styles of theatre and self-expression, and develop the confidence to share stories. 

No booking required however please arrive 10 mins prior to ensure a space as there is limited capacity. 

1st Position: Early Childhood Dance Workshop | 11:15am – 12:00pm 

Gorman Main Hall 

The 1st Position program offers fun dance and music activities, props and musical instruments to try!  

This dance and music class is designed to support early childhood in a fun and developmentally appropriate way, while also providing a welcoming space for parents and other caregivers. Suitable for children from birth to pre-school ages and their caregivers. All abilities welcome. This event is being held at Main Hall, Gorman Arts Centre.


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Walnut Alchemy with Hangama Obaidullah : 1.30 pm – 3 pm

West Courtyard

As part of Project Alchemy, multi-disciplinary artist Hangama Obaidullah is running a walnut workshop! Stemming from the innovative and daily use of walnuts from her life in Afghanistan, Hangama will be sharing creative ways to make artworks from them and embracing eco-friendly methods to create art.


Sammy Hawker Workshop: 10am – 12 pm, 1pm – 3pm

West Courtyard

As part of Project Alchemy, Sammy Hawker is facilitating a series of community artworks. These artworks are a co-creation between local trees, their stories, and the humans that listen to them.  

At the Ainslie & Gorman ‘Open House’ on Saturday 23rd of September, Sammy Hawker is inviting participants to book into a 2-hour sitting. In this time participants will sit with Sammy and together they will create a chromatogram of their favourite tree.  

The process of chromatography facilitates the visual expression of vibrant matter. The hues and patterns that form cannot be controlled by the artist and the result can be understood as a self-portrait of the tree.

Interested participants are invited to gather a small handful (10 grams) of fallen leaves and shed bark from a local tree they feel a connection to. Place this sample in a paper bag & include a short written statement about how this tree speaks to you. One can be guided by feelings of well-being when it is OK to work with Country. Always source your sample ethically and with respect to the tree.

There will be two sittings from 10am – 12pm | 1pm – 3pm with up to 6 participants at each sitting.

Due to limited spaces registration is essential. 

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Parents & Children Dance Jam: 2 pm – 4 pm

Gorman Main Hall

As part of Gorman Arts Centre’s Open House, Ausdance ACT presents a Parents & Children Dance Jam with Dance Artist Debora Di Centa, for parents with children aged 4-12 years old.
A fun and inclusive class for the whole family that aims to provide a space for quality family time, moving and dancing in a playful and creative environment.
Debora’s class is based on the idea that ‘dance is for everyone’ and that both parent and child can benefit from creative movement and contact improvisation dance.
Join Debora for a beautiful movement journey with your children!
Note: Please wear socks and comfortable clothes to move in (no jewellery, no belts).
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Threads of Journey by Yamile Tafur: 1pm-3pm

East Courtyard

This work is about the perspective of people who have experienced migration and how they diagram the steps they have done in that endeavour. This project aims to weave stories between persons, government and non-government organisations involved in some immigration process. There is also the possibility for participants to express their feelings and thoughts recapitulating their odyssey. 

This work is one part of the story of us, but at the same time is the connection with other community stories around, this is an opportunity to show to the public the system that we have transited in our purpose to live in this place. 

The first stage of this project was generously supported by You Are Here Canberra, an independent arts organisation based in Canberra ACT, Australia. Our gratitude and love for them. 



Open Studio Artists

Phoebe Porter

Contemporary Jeweller

E Block

Studio open: Friday 6:30 pm – 8 pm | Saturday 10 am – 1 pm

As part of House Party, Phoebe Porter will open her contemporary jewellery studio for an intimate tour, revealing her design and making processes and her extensive collection of vintage tools. Visitors can try on her sculptural modernist pieces and see how they come alive when being worn. They can view examples of Phoebe’s custom projects and discuss the process of commissioning their own special piece. Phoebe has an exquisite range of jewellery available for purchase on the night or later by appointment.

A man playing a violin with 4 people watching on mesmerised

Hugh Withycombe

Violin Maker

E Block

Studio open:  Saturday 10 am – 1 pm

Hugh Withycombe is an internationally recognised maker of fine handcrafted string instruments – violins, violas and cellos. He usually has examples of his instruments available to try in his workshop and also works by commission.

Yamile Tafur

Visual Artist

E Block

Studio open:  Saturday 10 am – 1 pm

Yamile Tafur Rios is a visual artist and educator from Colombia based in Canberra. She completed her bachelor degree in Visual Arts in Colombia in 2012 before moving to Australia. Yamile’s field of interest and research centres around the process of manufacturing of clothes, manual labour and everyday occupations.

A woman wearing glasses and a striped shirt, sitting at a table with paintbrushes in mugs.

Kirsten Biven

Visual Artist

E Block

Studio open:  Saturday 10 am – 1 pm

Visual artist Kirsten Biven’s art practice includes painting, installation and ink on paper. Many of her works come from a process of collecting, selecting and rearranging materials found on field drips or daily walks in the natural environment. Prior to coming to Canberra, she has exhibited her work in Esperance WA and Perth.

A woman dressed ub black with a decorative white beaded necklace stands infant of a wall with street art painted on it.

Hangama Obaidullah

Artist and Poet

E Block

Studio open:  Saturday 10 am – 12.30 pm

Hangama is a multi-discipline artist specialising in painting, drawing, photography and writing. Hangama came to Australia from Afghanistan as a refugee in August 2003.

Hangama’s artwork draws on her Afghan heritage, her homeland and its history. She espouses an aesthetic and philosophy of beauty, grace and community service. Her goal is to assist other women and children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, though visual arts practicing and writing. 

Lucy Alexander

Poet and Writer

E Block

Studio open:  Saturday 10 am – 1 pm

Lucy is a poet and writer of fiction. Her poetry has appeared in The Australian and Meanjin, and her poetry books liquesence and Feathered Tongues are available from the author. She also reviews Australian poetry, mentors school students, runs workshops and writes occasional journalism.

Becky stands in a grassy field with the sun setting behind her. She wears a white dress with a broad-brimmed hat.

Becky Houston

Poet and Writer

E Block

Studio open:  Saturday 10 am – 1 pm

Becky Houston is a former social worker turned poet who has been scribbling angsty musings in corners with night lights since she was a little girl. Her poetry explores themes of mental health, desire, sexuality, relationships, motherhood, feminism, and social justice. Her poem “Cold Floors and Blueberry Bread” was published in the anthology “Song of Ourself: Voices in Unison”, which was awarded the Bronze Medal for General Fiction/Literature in the 2020 Living Now Book Awards. Originally from the U.S., Becky is now based here on Ngunnawal Country.

Genie Stuart


B Block

Studio open:  Saturday 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm

Genie is an artist and composer living on Ngunawal/Ngunnawal/Ngambri land. Her recent works, ‘everything that rises must converge’ and ‘don____NT))CRY4_me!!!!!!Im BRAVE”are immersive sound works that use recorded sounds and internet footage to engage simultaneous dis/connection experienced online.

Stuart has recently graduated from ANU with honours in Law . She experiments with long form sound essays that create links between community, law and voice. Community is at the centre of her practice, having facilitated experimental radio shows and workshops for young people to engage with arts practice. She regularly performs live around Australia.

Michelle Dickerson

Jewellery maker

B Block

Studio open:  Saturday 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm

Michelle Dickerson is a gold and silversmith who graduated from the Australian National University School of Art with Honours in 2004. Michelle has worked in the jewellery industry since 1999, with broad experience in all dimensions of jewellery.

Elio Aurelius

Visual Artist

B Block

Studio open:  Saturday 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm

Elio Aurelius is a multimedia artist focusing on painting, drawing and printmaking. His artwork delves into the comforts of everyday life and explores the stream of consciousness from a visual perspective.

Marco Romero

Visual Artist

B Block

Studio open:  Saturday 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm

Marco’s artistic journey, transitioning from a theatre director, filmmaker, and visual artist, reflects a diverse and eclectic creative style. His work is shaped by the experiences of moving from the world of theatre to the realm of visual arts and by his exploration of the Australian landscape. Him draws from various artistic disciplines and merges them into a distinctive style, creating a body of work that is not only visually engaging but also conceptually rich.

Paul Summerfield

Digital Artist

B Block

Studio open:  Saturday 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm

Paul Summerfield is a digital artist, blending traditional painting and drawing techniques with digital mediums. His work has appeared all around Canberra, from coffee cups, books and buswraps, hospitals and illuminations for the Enlighten Festival. Paul is available for freelance work and welcomes enquiries.

Tributary Projects

Visual Artist Collective

B Block Hall

Gallery Open: 11 am – 4 pm | Artist talk: 12 pm – 1 pm

Established in 2017, Tributary Projects is an artist-run initiative that strives to create opportunities for a diverse range of practitioners. It operates as a project space where dynamic and expanding practices can be supported, explored and can contribute to community building and wider arts conversations in the Canberra region.

Makers Market

Blackburn Studio


Lucy is a ceramicist who works from her home studio in Canberra. Her practice focuses on ceramic jewellery and homewares. Lucy’s contemporary jewellery collections include earrings, necklaces and accessories. She uses a constrained palette of rich, earthy colours on a variety of clay bases and creates simple, organic shapes and textures. Each element is unique to the next and offers the wearer that subtle statement piece. Her functional ware includes vases, planters and mugs in neutral tones. These are predominantly hand built, giving them a unique and tactile quality. Her pieces often incorporate texture and mark making, and embrace the imperfect.

Spiral Botanicals


SPIRAL Botanicals is a sustainable, artistic florist from a female-led small business based in NewActon. We offer bespoke, contemporary floral arrangements utilising locally grown product, whilst advocating for the natural world, human connection and artistic expression through our services. SPIRAL specialises in floral foam free design, using only reusable, recycled or compostable materials for all bouquets and large-scale installations.

Sludge Kitchen

Zine Maker

Canberra/Ngunnawal-based goblin making art and trash for you!

Gillawarra Arts


Gillawarra Arts is a creative arts business originating from the mid north coast of NSW. Krystal Hurst is a Worimi woman who designs handmade jewellery using materials from nature, and specialises in contemporary Aboriginal artworks on canvas, murals and running workshops.

Bukiyou Designs

Resin Jewellery

Quirky and bright one of a kind handmade polymer clay jewellery. Canberra made and owned.

Canberra Youth Theatre

Young theatre makers

Canberra Youth Theatre is one of the leading youth arts companies in Australia, creating opportunities for young people to work together, develop artistic skills and pathways to the professional arts sector. Canberra Youth Theatre is the voice of youth expressed through intelligent and challenging theatre.

At Our House

Candle maker

Founded by Brad and James, two passionate people who fell in love with making candles which soon turned into a brand. Watching the look of enjoyment when our friends and family smelt our candles, we set out with the aim of ethically crafting batches of candles, melts, diffusers and bath soaks that provide fresh fragrances. With a diverse range of fragrant essences to choose from, find the compatible aroma that matches your personality.

Glace - Glass by KT

Stained Glass

“‘Glace,’ curated by Kt, specialises in crafting captivating stained glass artistry. From enchanting suncatchers that capture and reflect light across any space, to ornamental mirrors that shine with elegance with a touch of color, these creations bring a kaleidoscope of beauty. Kt also sculpts small 3D glass objects and pressed flower ornaments that celebrate the diverse applications of glass are an art medium. Each piece is a celebration of color and light, meticulously handcrafted to enchant and inspire.”

Leafy Sea Dragon

Visual Artist
A self taught, born and bred Canberran artist, using his own unique style of art called ‘Digital Lino’ mixing old with new. Mick uses a lithographic approach using a hand held digital pen, producing art that resembles a lino cut print. Most works are limited reproductions prints. This is his medium of choice, but also dabbles with Watercolour, guache, pen, pencil and acrylic. Commissions are also available.
Mick’s work came to prominence in 2020 with two iconic pieces ‘Pooh’s corner’ and ‘The Road Ahead’ raising money during the black summer fires and the COVID pandemic. In just 12 years, Mick’s work is now widely celebrated in the Canberra region, interstate and internationally.

Jason Burgess

Visual Artist and Bonsai maker

Jason Burgess is a Canberra-based visual artist who specialises in photorealistic airbrush painting. He also creates mini landscapes with his bonsai practice.