Ainslie+Gorman are local arts hubs located in Canberra’s Braddon area. To improve the diversity and strength of our arts ecosystem, we design programs that strategically target gaps in our community. This page showcases current and past programs.




In-House (Cultural Access Program)

We warmly invite you into our home!

Inclusion and cultural diversity are critical to a thriving creative community. In-House provides short term access to artist studios, workshop spaces, and rehearsal spaces at Ainslie+Gorman to artists, arts workers, and community groups who are culturally and linguistically diverse or are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

There are a range of venues and spaces across Ainslie+Gorman that are available to use for any art form, including independent artist studios, studio spaces, workshop and rehearsal spaces, classrooms, sound pods, co-working desks, and outdoor spaces.

Current In-House artists:
Yamile Tafur Rios
Vaidehi Subramanyan
Hangama Obaidullah
Shawnah Cady

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Emerging Artist Studio Program

This program offered emerging artists subsidised studio spaces to explore, experiment and develop creative works and ideas. The program was open to artists in the first five years of their arts practice who were interested in the opportunity of testing out a studio-based practice.

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2023: Eve HunterMarco RomeroZhi ChamElio RobertsonGenie StuartCliff Woodward, Cassandra Dove and Becky Houston

Program Overview

Summer Artist Residency

The Summer Artist Residency Program at Gorman Arts Centre offered artists, arts workers and cultural practitioners with living and working space over a 3-week period, for dedicated creative exploration, and/or research towards a creative project.  

This was a self-directed residency opportunity, but it included one-on-one Producer support and networking opportunities to engage more broadly with the Canberra creative sector. Gorman Arts Centre is centrally located in Canberra and is home to the largest community of artists, theatre makers, dancers, and musicians in the region.

2024: Marisa Mu and Leila Frijat

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Creative Recovery and Resilience Program Residencies (CRRP)

As part of artsACT’s Creative Recovery and Resilience Program, Ainslie+Gorman facilitated a program dedicated to residencies in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts and Cultural Practice, and Community Arts and Cultural Development. This program provided a full-time workspace and living wage for each artist over the course of two months, as they spent time developing their practice, creating work or connecting with mentors.

2022: Yamile Tafur, Jacqui Malins, Jackson Taylor-Grant, Samia Goudie and Sarah Loynes

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Kids x Art

Kids x Art residency program offered an ACT-based or connected artist the opportunity to develop or extend their practice in working with children and their families. Provided with a full-time workspace and small stipend, this program encouraged participants to connect with peers to develop their arts practice and provides the opportunity to present public programs for kids.

  • 2020-2021: Pablo Latona
  • 2021-2022: Michelle Day

Live Art Lab

Live Art Lab creative development residency program supported ACT-based or connected artists in the development of original live art works. With in-kind support, mentoring and artist fees, this program connected artists to our creative community and gave them access to spaces, creative input from practicing arts professionals and the chance to develop those wild ideas.

  • 2021: Cathy Petocz, Zora Pang, ShaYu and Ade Suharto.
  • 2020: Zev Aviv, Hanna Cormick, Sophie Dacy-Cole + Mils DC.