Next Wave + Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres

Next Wave Jamie and Sia
Textured divide

Jamie Lewis CEO of Next Wave visited us at A+G this week! We are excited to be working closely with her and the organising team in a partnership providing venue and additional producer support to local artists participating in the Kickstart program.

Next Wave is a Melbourne based organisation with a keen focus on art making  and  experimentation, dreaming and doing, exchange and connection. They support artists from across this continent to present, advocate, develop and collaborate.

The Kickstart program works with early career artists to nurture them through their most ambitious work and creative ideas to be presented at Next Wave Festival in Melbourne. “Centring artists where they live and work, we are shifting our structures to foster slow development, blend intergenerational support and mentorship, and see artists experiment from the vantage point of their existing location, contexts, and communities” – Next Wave.

Vocalist, producer and composer Delali Zevon-Aniakwah is the ACT recipient of the Kickstart program and in 2022 we are lucky to see Delali work in both Ainslie and Gorman buildings as she develops new sounds and performance concepts. Delali performed in the inaugural Ainslie Salon Series ‘Light and Waves’ concert at A+G earlier this year where she graced the stage under her solo recording project VOLTA HYMN for a warm deep listening experience.

We are pleased to be welcoming Delali back to our Centres and supporting her through the Kickstart program.