AI Immerse Lab

Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre




6 pm - 9 pm
18 January 2024


QL2 Dance
A Block

Since 2019 Alisdair has been experimenting with situational dance works led by autonomous computer programs that guide performers using text generation and computer speech. 

Join Alisdair as he guides dance participants through a series of his experiments as a means to ask greater questions about the role of dancers, dance makers and artificial intelligence in the context of his performed improvisational contemporary dance method.

The lab is open to two participatory roles; dancers who will perform improvised dance experiments as a means to participate, and students working in human-computer interaction interested in observing said experiments and engaging in discussion about applied computational devices in creative and artistic work. The workshop will be part dance tutorial, part performance, part guided discussion unpacking ideas and issues pertaining to the automation of creative work and the recent rapid growth of mammoth generative pre-trained transformers with models trained on incomprehensibly large data sets.

Image credit: Alison Currie