The Novel Project: Graeme Simsion

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Ainslie Arts Centre


6 pm - 8 pm
Tuesday 16 April


Room 13
Ainslie Arts Centre

Join Graeme Simsion as he makes a stop in Canberra as part of the Great Australian Bookshop Tour with Anne Buist.
Graeme Simsion is a NYT bestselling novelist whose books have been translated into forty languages, with several in development for the screen. He leads a popular seminar based on his book, The Novel Project: A Step by Step Guide to your Novel, Memoir or Biography.
In this seminar, Graeme will cover the end-to-end process of writing, from premise to proofreading, as described in The Novel Project.
Participants will learn:
  • How to plan the writing process, so they start every day knowing what to do it and how to do it, with confidence that they’re making progress towards a completed manuscript
  • How to take control of their creativity
  • How to create credible, complex characters
  • How to structure their novel using proven storytelling principles
  • How to deal with crises and problems, including writer’s block
  • How to work with beta readers and editors
Included in the ticket price is a copy of The Novel Project.
This workshop is run by MARION.