Tributary Projects presents: Another/s/Kin

A dual faced statue bust floats in white space.
Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


6 pm, 20 October - 4 pm, 13 November


Tributary Projects, B-block Hall

Within “Another/s/Kin” Maddie Hepner and Rory Gillen undertook a residency within each other’s internet/s. This residency involved the exchange of social media accounts and user data to explore how curated feeds influence online experience, and how those feeds react to a hijacking.

In doing this, they undertook a subjective analysis of a subjective network. Having both worked previously with the internet’s compulsion to increasingly divide us algorithmically and ideologically, the artists aim to perform a radical act of transparency. They ask, ‘how does my feed inform what I know’?

This action of empathy also explores the nature of data collection and the voyeuristic exercise of witnessing. How does having someone directly looking at your data feel different to a corporation removing analysing it all, does it make the collection more invasive? Does it make it more real?

This show shares the results of their observations and collaboration. The final show will share the results of their observations and collaboration.

Opening night: 6 pm – 8pm,  Thursday 20 October