Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


1.30 pm - 3 pm
15 April 2023


F Block Gallery

As part of You Are Here’s ‘Cahoots Lab 2023’, Julie Monro-Allison will present her in-progress work ‘Oothecae’, a new installation combining sculpture, drawing and projections.

The idea for Oothecae evolved from research and experimentation undertaken over the past two years. This in-progress showing will trial projecting mock animations onto sculptural forms and textile surfaces. While introducing new materials and methods to her practice, Julie’s use of these materials and methods in this project nonetheless remains grounded in her usual low-tech and hand-crafted approach.

We invite you to enter this quiet, immersive space of Oothecae, and join a facilitated reflection and critical discussion of the work. There will be opportunities to share responses on the work via an online form, which can be filled after the event for any thoughts that come to you later.

Oothecae will be completed over the next four months, with a second in-progress installation to be shown at the Tanks Arts Centre in far north Queensland in June. The creation of Oothecae is supported by artsACT.


This event takes place in a room with dim lighting. The work features moving images of insects.