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Step back into the history of Gorman, to its beginnings as a Commonwealth hostel in the 1920’s in an exhibition celebrating 100 years of Gorman House.

This exhibition features early photographs from the construction of Gorman House, and a peek inside the photo albums of former residents. Also on display, a selection of photos from our arts program archives.

There is also the opportunity to submit your own memories and photographs of Gorman to add to our centenary archive.

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A short history

Built in 1924, Gorman House stood on the grasslands that are now Canberra’s CBD. Built for housing female public servants, Gorman became known as ‘The Hen Coop’ with a strong social network between residents, who invested time to create a home for themselves in the brand-new capital.

From then until 1972, thousands called Gorman House home and whilst it shut its doors to domestic residents, it continued to be used as veterans offices and later on, Training headquarters for the Commonwealth Police.

The 1980’s ushered in a new era as Gorman House opened as a community arts centre, and continues to operate for the local creative community today.

Gorman 100 Exhibition is conceived by Ainslie+Gorman and is part of the 2024 Heritage Festival produced by the ACT Government.

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