Linear || Non-Linear

Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


23 Jun - 10 Jul 2022


Tributary Projects

Linear || Non-Linear brings together a variety of artists and artworks to convey and celebrate the varying ways the world is seen through a non-linear lens. Organised and curated by Oli Narayanan, Linear || Non-Linear strives to show the audience a range of perspectives of the world around us and how it is interacted with.

There is often an implication that if we follow a linear process of completing life milestones, there will be less obstacles to overcome. Those who approach life through a non-linear, neurodivergent and unconventional way, whether it be intentional or not often have a unique perception of these milestones, life and the world. Artists in this show are a variety of those with and without neurodivergence who all approach life and their practice in a non-linear way.

Opening night: 6 pm, Thursday 23 June