Tributary Projects presents Gestures Gathered

Tributary Projects
Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


Opening 6 - 8 pm, Thursday 11 August
11 August to 4 September

Tributary Projects presents Gestures Gathered. A multidisciplinary exhibition that brings together four local Canberra artists: Janhavi Salvi, Hank Reynolds, Kate Matthews and Freya Gaunt.

These artists have been selected for their ability to question how we belong, and respond to our environment through their chosen materials. Concepts of authorship, identity and singularity are uniquely explored by each artist, revealing a multisensory audience experience. Collaborative gestures made between audience and artist challenge divisions between site and viewer.

Gestures Gathered portrays the complexity of experiences often shared in place, with each gesture capable of inhabiting multiple places at once.  The exhibition showcases a deep awareness that a single moment comprises many interacting elements, as explored in each work.