Connected Creativity Algorave

Textured divide




Ainslie Arts Centre


7 pm - 10 pm
Thursday 1 December 2022

Welcome to Algorave, an experimental night of music, code, and machines, with live performances by humans in the middle of it all. There will be bangers.

These days just about all electronic music is made using computers, but with artificial barriers between the people creating the software algorithms and the people making the music. Using systems built for creating algorithmic music and visuals, these barriers are broken down, and musicians are able to compose and work live with their music as algorithms.

This has good and bad sides, but a different approach leads to interesting places..

Creative Connectivity Algorave is presented by OzCHI, an annual not-profit conference for the Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG) and Australia’s leading forum for the latest in HCI research and practice.