End of Year Showcase – Mt Ainslie Music Club

A older man in a red shirt plays a grand piano with a man in a blue shirt playing the saxophone. They are reflected in the open lid of the piano.
Textured divide




Ainslie Arts Centre


6:30 pm
Saturday 10 December 2022

The Mt Ainslie Music Club (MAMC) will be giving its first ever public performance on December 10th at Ainslie Arts Centre!

Founded in August 2021, MAMC is a community ensemble for freely improvised music. Drawing its initial inspiration from London’s John Stevens (and his work with the Spontaneous Music Ensemble), MAMC has found a core membership who come together once a month to work on developing their own collective improvisatory language.

This performance will include a long-form improvisation by the whole group as well as several small-group pieces. Join us for what will be a surprising night of textural soundscapes and exciting musical interplay!

Mt Ainslie Music Club is a program presented by Arts Capital at Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres as part of our 2022 program.