Mt Ainslie Music Club 2023

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Ainslie Arts Centre


7.30 pm - 10 pm
First Thursday of every month


Ainslie Arts Centre

When does sound become music? What are the limits to individual expression within a group? Can creativity be democratic?

Each month the Mt Ainslie Music Club (MAMC) comes together to explore these questions and more. Our meetings involve creating completely improvised musical pieces. Participants are encouraged to express themselves on their chosen instrument while developing their ability to listen and make meaningful contributions to a collective sound. We also have critical conversations about the conceptual and practical aspects of improvised performance.

MAMC is open to musicians from diverse backgrounds including jazz, classical, pop, rock and alternative. We welcome collaboration with artists from other mediums including visual arts and dance.

If you would like to explore sonic possibilities outside of conventional notions of genre and song then please join a session!

Read more about it here!

Mt Ainslie Music Club is a program presented by Arts Capital at Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres as part of our 2023 program.

Photo by Andrew Sikorski