Canberra Youth Theatre 2023 Holiday Programs

Three children stand against a white background, one dressed as a devilish character, one in the middle pondering and the third dress in angel wings.
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Holiday Programs


Gorman Arts Centre


9 - 12 January
16 - 19 January


Gorman Arts Centre

This summer Canberra Youth Theatre have two drama programs for school years 1 – 6!

Conscience and Temptation

9 – 12 January, Gorman Arts Centre

Goody Two Shoes or Little Troublemaker? We each have our little angel and devil, the one to guide us on the righteous path, the other to tempt us from it… But why is it so hard to do the right thing? And how come it feels so good to be bad? In this playful, fun-filled workshop, you’ll create dramatic characters that grapple with moral dilemmas: good guys gone wrong, baddies with a heart of gold, and the mixed-up multitude inbetween, locked in the neverending tussle between conscience and temptation. Come join us this January for four full days of creative play!  Tempted? Go on, it’s the right thing to do…

16 – 19 January, Gorman Arts Centre

What happens when you wash up on a deserted island? Do young people need adults to survive? And are coconuts all that tasty, really? Take a voyage across the waves to the farthest reaches of your imagination in this collaborative workshop of shipwrecks, survival, and exploration. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get away from it all and live a life of sun, sea, sand, and occasional cannibalism – but will your tropical island refuge be paradise or a prison as you build a new society with your fellow-survivors? Or are you already hatching a daring plan to escape? Release your inner savage in this energetic workshop and create a whole new world.