Ainslie Salon presents Potential

Three overlapping portraits of the band members that are slightly offset. They are each photographed in single colours, green on the left, pink in the middle and light blue on the right.
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Ainslie Arts Centre


6:30 pm - 9 pm
Saturday 4 February 2023


Ainslie Main Hall

Weirdo dark-pop synthwave group Potential comes to Ainslie Salon. 

Potential is a weirdo dark-pop synthwave plus-a-sax three-piece from Gadigal & Wangal land in so-called Sydney.  Potential is launching their 2023 album Normal with a tour of Australia and Aotearoa, playing on Ngunnawal Country at Ainslie Arts Centre as part of the Ainslie Salon program on Saturday 4th February, joined by Lost Coast. 

Launching on Friday 6 January Normal follows On Top (2020) and Doggy (2021), the band’s debut and second albums. Singularly, Normal is Potential’s first concept record, with a focus on the body within an ableist society. Normal is released on DIY label, Black Wire Records.  

Lyrically, the aptly named Normal is a meditation on function, resistance and the harm caused to bodies from a disability perspective. Musically, it is a brooding, danceable 6-track record, with each song hammering tension to a relieving peak. Layers of synth, baritone sax, guitars, bass and homestyled beats are overlaid by vocals that wash from breathless to baying. 

“Synthesizers and streaks of atonal saxophone make for a tense atmosphere that may be overpowering for the faint of heart” – Cameron Menegoni from 2SER’s The Band Next Door. 

Potential is Alisha Bourke (Burlap, Clean Shirt), Nick Levy (Ted Danson with Wolves) and Dean Crowe (everything else). 

Take a listen!

This event is presented by Arts Capital at Ainslie Arts Centre.