The Composer is Dead

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Adult $25
Child $15


Saturday 3 June - Two sessions
10.00 am - 10.30 am
11.30 am - 12.00 pm


St John the Baptist's Anglican Church, Reid

Uncover the Mystery at the Symphony with Canberra Youth Orchestra’s performance of ‘The Composer is Dead’. 

Step into a world of suspense, intrigue, and captivating melodies at the Canberra Youth Orchestra’s most thrilling concert yet! Prepare to be spellbound as the haunting notes of ‘The Composer is Dead’ fill the air, an extraordinary orchestral masterpiece by Nathaniel Stookey and libretto by Lemony Snicket.

In this gripping musical murder mystery, tragedy strikes the symphony hall as news spreads like wildfire—the composer is dead! But fear not, dear music lovers, for the quest to unmask the culprit has just begun. Join us on an unforgettable journey where every instrument is a suspect, and the stage becomes a crime scene.

Imagine the excitement as an inspector is summoned to interrogate the very members of the orchestra. Was it the cunning violins, weaving their web of secrets? Or perhaps the enigmatic percussion, hiding their percussive powers behind a veil of rhythm? The tuba’s low, resonant tones create suspicion, while the violas lurk in the shadows, concealing their true intentions. It’s a musical whodunit that will keep you guessing until the final chord!

Be part of this extraordinary experience as the Canberra Youth Orchestra conducted by Louis Sharpe, in collaboration with guest narrator Charles Hudson takes you on a thrilling journey through the twists and turns of the symphonic crime. Can you crack the case before the inspector does? The challenge is set, and the answer lies within the melodies themselves.

Mark your calendars for one of our two captivating sessions!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of mystery, as this unique event engages and educates audiences of all ages. Tickets are available now, so gather your friends and family and secure your seats for an unforgettable musical adventure!

The Composer is Dead is produced by Ainslie Arts Centre resident Music for Canberra.