Artist Talk – Marisa Mu

Artist Marisa Mu with black hair leans against ladder in her creative studio. One of her paintings can be seen behind her.
Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre




4.30 pm - 6 pm
Thursday 22 February 2024


Gorman Main Hall

Join interdisciplinary artist Marisa Mu for a free artist talk as they discuss their current creative project as part of the Summer Artist Residency Program at Gorman Arts Centre. 

Marisa Mu is a Blacktown-born, East Timorese Chinese artist based in Naarm, Melbourne. Her creative practice spans painting, textiles, sculpture, poetry and performance, all rooted in a commitment to community engagement. She is an alumna of College of Fine Arts, Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Design in 2014 and was awarded the Emerging Artist of The Year in 2019.

During her residency at Gorman, Mu is working towards her upcoming solo exhibition, ‘With Pleasure,’ set to showcase At The Above gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne this March. Using painting and writing as cathartic mediums, her work delves into themes of Queer Expression, Intersectional Feminism, The Asian Diaspora, and Body Liberation.

Mu’s talk will feature poetry readings from her independent publication ‘With Pleasure and Sometimes Pain,’ an integral component of her upcoming body of work to be exhibited.