Sympathetic Resonance by Emerge Company

A teenage boy with headphones aropund his neck has his hands limply in front of him.
Textured divide




Gorman Arts Centre


14 - 16 July
Friday 7:30pm
Saturday 2:00pm
Saturday 7:30pm
Sunday 5:00pm

Beyond the babble and chatter, at the outer limits of language…what’s left? What can we know of ourselves, beyond the ideas that have shaped us? And how can we even be sure we’re communicating with each other when none of us experience the same reality? Y’know what I mean?

Do you, though…?

Sympathetic Resonance is an original work of experimental theatre that traces how one word, screamed or whispered, sung or left unspoken, can change the course of our lives. In the beginning was the Word – but how’s it supposed to end?

Canberra Youth Theatre’s Emerge Company is a training and professional development program for emerging theatre-makers aged 18–25, under the direction of one of Canberra’s most renowned theatremakers, Christopher Samuel Carroll. Emerge Company is unique in Canberra, acting as a ‘theatre laboratory’ that supports emerging artists to experiment and develop their ideas through practice-led research.

Conceived, devised and produced by an ensemble of seven emerging artists, Sympathetic Resonance is a provocation to test theatre’s potential as a living art form that turns outward into the world, tackling the human condition through an energetic collision of performance styles that claws at what theatre has been, and envisions what it could become.

Sympathetic Resonance is part of Uncharted Territory, a new innovation festival that will showcase some of Canberra’s most formidable minds and talents, share what is unique about Canberra, and tell the story of our contributions to national and international discourse.

Canberra Youth Theatre’s Emerging Artist program is made possible thanks to the Jeremy Spencer Broom Legacy and Arts Capital at Gorman Arts Centre.