Gorman Forecourts

Textured divide

Gorman Arts Centre, located within walking distance from Canberra Centre Mall, offers tranquil outdoor areas for a diversity of events. Each accommodating a couple hundred guests, these accessible, family-friendly spaces cater to community events, live music and weddings.


2024 Rates

Full Hourly Rate: $190.00 (inc. GST)
Full Daily Rate: $1,330.00 (inc. GST)

Discounted rates available for art centre residents, not-for-profit and arts organisations.

Venue Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7m x 16m
  • North Eastern Occupancy Loading: 204
  • North Western Occupancy Loading: 180
  • Features: gravel courtyard, bike racks, scultural seating, trees
  • Floor: red rock gravel, concrete and asphalt
  • Lighting: in-ground lights and lamp posts
  • Sound: There is no permanent sound system in the courtyard. Sound equipment may be arranged if required. Please get in touch with your requirements to see if we can organise a package to suit your needs.
  • Other: Forecourts are available for hire in conjunction with other spaces at Gorman Arts Centre (ie C Block or Ralph Wilson Theatre).